Sunday, 15 January 2017

Best Good Morning Quotes For Boyfriend

In this wonderful morning...

In this wonderful morning I wish to remember the one who is even more wonderful then it. I would like to start my day with an image of the biggest treasure of my life.
My life is good but much...

My life is good but much better with you. My heart is pure but purer with you. I feel myself nice but nicer with you. Forever and ever it’s me and you.
Today I wake up with...

Today I wake up with the most beautiful picture of you in my mind and morning is now much nicer than ever. Thousands of kisses for you my sweetheart!
It’s so nice to wake up...

It’s so nice to wake up in such a wonderful morning and start the day having the sweetest picture of you in my mind.
I’m thinking about you...

I’m thinking about you,
Hope the things go your way.
Wishing all the best for you,
Honey, have a great day!
The morning is bright...

The morning is bright,
But something was missing,
So I got up from bed
To send you this greeting.
Honey, I love you!
I’m going to sleep every...

Good Morning Messages For Friends

I’m going to sleep every night with a smile,
Cause I know I’ll be dreaming of you,
And I wake up each morning with a smile on my face,
Cause you are with me not just in my dreams.
Have a great day, my love!
Although this...

Although this morning is beautiful in all the way,
But it is incomplete, honey,
Without wishing you an amazing day!

I’m sending you ‘GOOD MORNING’,
wrapped with tenderness,
tied with love
and sealed with kisses
to keep you happy all day long!
May your morning be beautiful...

May your morning be beautiful, filled with sunshine,
And may the rest of your day be even better!
Although we’re far from...

Although we’re far from each other,
Separated by miles,
Still a cute message from my darling
Can bring me smile.
Have a nice day, honey!
Have a day as bright...

Have a day as bright as your smile!
Good morning!
Your hug warms my heart...

Your hug warms my heart,
Your kisses brighten my day!
Good morning, my love,
Have a nice day!
Good morning, honey...

Good morning, honey, I miss you so much.
Come to me and bring yourself for breakfast.
I have just woken up from...

I have just woken up from a dream where you gently kissed my lips.
Have a special day, honey, I love you!
Every time when I get up...

Every time when I get up, I know that you have woken up too
And when it’s cold, your feelings and words keep me warm.
My mornings are wonderful...

My mornings are wonderful,
Because they start with your love, honey,
And it keeps me happy all day long!
It’s a wonderful feeling...

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that
There is somebody who wakes up and thinks of you, and you think of him.
Have a perfect day, my love!

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Good Morning Quotes For Him

You are my sun in a gloomy...

You are my sun in a gloomy day,
Like a lighthouse in a stormy sea.
Thanks for all your care for me,
Good morning my love, time to get up.
An ocean is made from...

An ocean is made from the drops of water, the greatest castles were built on the firmest foundations and my love for you is endless and unbreakable. Good morning sweetheart, many kisses for you.
You are the reason...

You are the reason I want to wake up every morning, you are a true blessing, and I wish you a wonderful and sunny day.
The smell of hot coffee...

The smell of hot coffee in the morning always wakes you up, I know that, because you always wake up, when I’m making your favourite 🙂 it’s like words I forget to say “good morning”
Ahhh… to see those eyes...

Ahhh… to see those eyes and that smile every morning is a true blessing, I love seeing you, I love that morning look you give me, I always feel warm inside, thanks to you!
You know, I saw a lot...

You know, I saw a lot of smiles, but yours is something unlike and different, I love seeing it every morning, and all I want to do is say: “good morning and have a great day”
Every time when I wake...

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Every time when I wake up first, I love to leave you a note, that says, “good morning honey, I hope you slept well” because, I always think about you when I’m not with you.
I hope you have...

I hope you have a great day! May the sun shine on your lovely face and bring you joy all day long.
I like how you smile to...

I like how you smile to me when we open our eyes in the morning to each other, when you dress up and leave for work, it’s like a tradition now to say: “Have a great day!”
Making you breakfast every...

Making you breakfast every morning, when you come next to me and hug me form behind…
You know it’s actually a very good feeling, because then I feel very lucky, have a good day!
Looking into your deep...

Looking into your deep brown eyes every morning, I love it! Your eyes often shine like that stars in the sky,
That’s why I love looking at them in the morning.
It’s like a blessing...

You know… It’s like a blessing waking up next to you every morning, and I love that every morning I’m the one who says to you “have a good day at work, honey”

Every time when I wake up joy and happiness fills up my heart because I found you. Get up my sunshine, have a lovely day.
The best thing that...

The best thing that happened in my life is that I found person who cares about me. And since that time you are the very first thing on my mind every single morning, honey.
You are like a sun ray...

You are like a sun ray in my life,
When dark clouds are above me and it is so dark around.
Your love inspires and makes me believe,
That I can do more than I ever imagined.
Good morning my darling.
Darling, the time when...

Darling, the time when I can’t see you is like an eternity for me. My heart, all thoughts and what I care about is you. Kissing you and have an amazing day.
You can see a lot of smiles...

You can see a lot of smiles every day but there is one which you do not see because it not from lips but deep from my heart.
Each time when I get up...

Each time when I get up all my thoughts are about the person who changed my life, finding a way to make me smile and happy, it’s you. Good morning my love.
Every night I go to sleep...

Every night I go to sleep and every morning I wake up with thoughts that someone cares about me as much as I do. It is one of the most beautiful feelings. Have a beautiful day my sunshine!
Every time when I wake...

Every time when I wake up I’m thinking of you and each morning gets greater, better, lovelier

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